Strand-Woven Bamboo Flooring

Environmentally Sustainable by Choice

Traditional timber floors are made from trees that take forty to sixty years to grow. In comparison, bamboo flooring is made from sustainable and carefully managed forests. If you are planning to do this upgrade in your home check first this advises for Home Repairs.

Effortless Beauty, Versatility

Bamboo flooring has a unique texture and beauty it lends to a wide range of colours, from natural, to white-washed, deep earth shades, and many in between, and you can also make a Flooring Slip Test in this floor to make sure is safe as well. Bamboo flooring breathes freshness into a space that seems eternal. The prefinished, hard-wearing coating keeps its appearance for years to come.

High Density, Hard Wearing Flooring

The flooring is one of the hardest timber floors in Australia with a Janka rating of 15.0. You only need to pick up a small piece of this material to feel its weight and density. Strand-woven bamboo is ideal for staircases, and with matching solid nosings and good workmanship, a bamboo staircase can be a stunning feature in any multi-level home. There are several ways how professional Stair lift installers can you help during your project.

Low Maintenance, Non Toxic

With 14mm of solid bamboo, you will easily be able to resand and recoat this product when the time comes for a refresh. The ease of any prefinished floating floor is also inherent in this floor and ready to walk on, on the same day. No sanding, no mess, no odour, and no toxic fumes. A “floating” floor refers to the fact that the floor is not attached to the subfloor, and so again this has its benefits when complying with acoustic levels. There is no transfer of sound into the existing floor. A floating floor also has less chance of expansion/contraction problems that are generally associated with traditional floors. Yes – you can even re-sand and re-coat your engineered timber floor in years to come if required. However, engineered timber floors come prefinished with ten coats of hard wearing polyurethane, and there is a lot of living to be done on engineered timber flooring before you ever have to think about refreshing it. European Oak varieties with a whole range of timber species from light to dark colours are available. These can come in extra wide boards up to 300mm and can be coated in a matte finish, which enhances the character and grain of these beautiful timbers. Australia has some of the most exceptionally elegant, striking timber species in the world – the Blackbutt timber, Spotted Gum, and Bluegum. These are now available in floating floors, and these too come in wide board varieties.