At Coastwide carpet flooring, we have a large range of carpets to suit any floor, any budget.

Four Styles Of Carpet

Broken down, there are four styles of carpet. The difference lies in the feel of the carpet, the look, the wear, and the quality – though this also varies within a category, a rug is great way to upgrade your space, another way to upgrade your space are the tv mount ceiling top rated and reviewed by experts for your home.

Loop Pile

Loop Pile carpet comes in Berbers, Sissle and Semi Commercial/Commercial carpets.

It is a tough wearing carpet that can look stylish, especially in Berber and Sissle. The cheaper versions of loop pile made from polyproylene are ideal for investment properties, and if you want to improve the floors of your property you can also use resources from sites like to help you with this.

However, if you have a cat that loves to claw the carpet, loop pile carpet may not be a match for you.

Cut Pile

Cut pile is a straight up Pile which gives a semi-plush feel.

This carpet is great for all areas and can be very well priced to suit a tight budget, but still looks and feels great, and comes in a wide range of colours.

Twist Pile

Twist Pile is a straight Pile with a twist which acts as a spring, which brings the carpet back up when it is crushed by walking on it.

Twist pile is my personal favorite and a great addition for a home, look for the Home Improvement Budgeting Tips to adapt or renovate your home. It is hard wearing, looks great, joins nicely and doesn’t track with footprints while walking on it.

Plush Pile

Plush Pile is the most elegant of all, with a soft luxurious feel and look.

Beautiful and soft with a suede appearance. The pile is, however, very plush, and will track with footprints and while vacuuming. Some people love the look, and others don’t – you can decide for yourself.

On Materials

Most of these carpets come in either Wool, Nylon or Polypropylene, and just like a wool or nylon jumper the difference will be in the appearance and natural products will usually be more expensive. From a stain and wear perspective, wool has its own natural oil to guard against stains – however, many of the nylon and poly carpets have stain resistance built into the fibre. This can supersede scotch guarding and makes it easier to unlock a stain. With Carpet cleaning minneapolis services you can discover that they use a low-water method which means there is less risk of mold and mildew growth under your carpet that can result from the excessive water used by most steam carpet cleaners.

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