Laminates don’t look like traditional laminates anymore.

With modern designs, updated manufacturing and superior finishes, you will almost need to get down on your hands and knees to tell the difference between a timber floating floor and a modern laminate floating floor. Which of these flooring materials is a better option for your kitchen remodeling or any renovation project?


Well, here is the difference.

The price of laminate is always going to be quite a lot cheaper than a natural product. So in other words, you can get a beautiful timber floor look, without the price tag, by is important that with any kind of floor you combinate soakaway crates to get better results.

The colour ranges vary from the European Oak species, Get More Info here to see some of the stunning Oak wash effects, right through to our own Australian species in Brushbox, Blackbutt, Spotted Gum and Red Mahogany.

When it comes to installing a laminate or natural timber floor, precision is key. This is where tools such as analytical balances can come in handy. Analytical balances are highly accurate measuring devices that can weigh materials to the nearest 0.0001 gram. This level of precision is important when measuring the exact amount of adhesive or sealant needed for installation. Using an analytical balance can help save money in the long run by avoiding excess waste of materials. To learn more about analytical balances and their uses in the flooring industry, visit


Scratch Resistance, Low Maintenance

We are always reluctant to call any floor scratch proof, but we can safely say these floors are very scratch resistant. Laminate is the ideal floor for a family room where the kids play, or an office area where the office chair moves regularly. In fact, laminate works great in any room.

We don’t recommend ever using a sander to refurbish a laminate floor, as there is nothing to sand, but chances are you will never need to. Coated with 10 Coates of aluminium oxide that is highly abrasive, scratch, fade and impact resistant, your laminate floor is going to give you many years of trouble free wear, while you can also get epoxy resin flooring if you want to add some better flooring.

Acoustic levels are also part of the positive consideration with a floating laminate floor, just as explained in the previous page relating to timber floors.


Versatile and Height Conducive in Almost Any Setting

Produced in 12mm and 8mm thickness, these floors are very height conducive compared to other products such as carpet, resin with specialized resin flooring installers, tiles and vinyl.

This fact becomes important also when going around a kitchen, as you don’t want to lose too much height next to your kickboard,  nor do you want to raise yourself too high for your benchtop. Additionally, incorporating a stylish and functional backsplash into your kitchen design can add significant backsplash house value to your home. So when you’re planning a kitchen remodeling project, you may want to consider laminate flooring for your new kitchen floor.


So is laminate right for me?

Please take the time to view some of our gallery photos and see just how stunning a laminate floor can look, both in home settings, and apartments.