Some years back we owned and operated a Timber Flooring business in Sydney where we had a Large Showroom with Lots of Timber Flooring on Display, including a slideshow display on their site. There was Solid Flooring Along With Some Recycled Flooring and Also Floating Engineered Flooring. In those days the Engineered Floors hadn’t been around for very long and so consequently we would have to admit they were quite ordinary compared to today’s Standard, but they still tried to manage their business the best they can and offering W2 wages to their workers as well.

Many People would come into our Showroom Looking to buy a Solid Timber Flooring because they Loved the Look of a Timber Floor, but always recommend they first keeping your residential drainage system clean and functional. After a short Discussion about Their Home or Apartment we could determine how it would work for them. In many cases they didn’t understand the Logistics of Installing a Solid Timber Floor into their Premises, as for the doors, the best option is to use a folding door from as these doesn’t take much space and are fashionable.

Firstly, the flooring needs to be delivered on site at least a couple of weeks before the hardwood flooring installation. This way, the flooring materials are going to to be acclimatized. These are packs of Timber 4 – 5 Metres Long weighing half a ton that should be placed inside the home to cure to the environment to which it will be installed, and if you need to install floors in your home, the use of timber flooring merchants in Australia is the best options to get great floors for your house.

Secondly, according to professionals like those at,  if the Subfloor is concrete the floor will need to go on 18mm battens or the equivalent thickness on particle board or plywood. This along with the thickness of the Timber Floor, raises the height to 36mm total. That much height in many homes will create problems around existing kitchens, at the threshold of your front door, meeting with other products such as carpet, and if you have low ceilings 36mm can reduce the floor to ceiling height quite considerably. Along with the added inconvenience of floor sanding and coating at the end of the procedure it all became too hard for some people and they chose other options including engineered floors.

The Good News is “Engineered Floors “have come a long way since those Days “. There are now beautiful engineered floors on the market like MDF Skirting Bunbury, which combine the sophistication of real Hardwood timber with an ingenious construction delivering a stable floor and making installation easy over most surfaces.  The Timbers are generally classic Australian Species including Blackbutt, Spotted Gum, Blue Gum or the Elegant European Oak varieties.  Because of the stability of their structure they are able to be produced in wide boards which enhance the natural beauty of timbers. Up to 75% less face timber is used than in Solid Flooring resulting in a very environmentally friendly finish.

We hope this information can be helpful for you in understanding the right flooring for your home and if you have any further questions we would help, send us an email or phone or holler or simply click here!

If you choose to have timber flooring, contact the best hardwood flooring installation services to ensure that you get a floor that is beautiful, durable, and long-lasting. To make it more look great you can have some Floor Sales coverings that will make an ordinary floor extraordinary.